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Going Global: Site assessment in Guatemala

In May 2018, Heart to Heart took our Going Global initiative down to Guatemala City, Guatemala. This trip came on the heels of our site assessment work in Paraguay in April and as part […]

Going Global: Site assessment in Paraguay

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 1 of every 3 deaths annually. Many people do not know that CVD can affect a life even from birth; every […]

Partner spotlight: Liliana Flor Alvarado Parraga, RN

Liliana Flor Alvarado Parraga, RN, serves as the head of the pediatric cardiac intensive care nursing department at the Instituto Nacional Cardiovascular (INCOR) in Lima, Peru. Heart to Heart had the good fortune to […]

Gaining traction in our new collaboration in Lima

We have returned to INCOR (National Cardiovascular Institute) in Lima, Peru with a full pediatric cardiac team for our third congenital heart disease training mission since we began our collaboration in early 2016. […]

Mar 9, 2017|Going Global, Lima|
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    Progress in Peru: our third training mission within 12 months

Progress in Peru: our third training mission within 12 months

Comprehensive cardiac care — measurably expanding access to timely, life-saving treatment for babies, children, and adults worldwide — inspired our training mission to Lima, Peru. In December 2016, six months following our last trip, […]